Conveyor systems

Reliability and experience based on tradition

Our scraper belt, hinged belt and belt conveyors embody more than 30 years of experience. Systematic further development of our products and adaptation of their functions for use with the latest generation of machines guarantees you the utmost level of reliability.

Hinged belt conveyors

Proven for a wide range of disposal tasks

  • Wet or dry chips
  • Workpieces and waste
  • Hot forgings
  • Stampings and punching scrap
  • And much more

Scraper conveyors

For disposal of small materials

  • Frequently used for machining of non-ferrous metals
  • Can also be used for very hard, short chips
  • Casting chips, milling chips and sawing chips

Belt conveyors

The all-rounders – also for parts with sharp edges

  • Also suitable for parts with sharp edges
  • Not suitable for transporting hot chips

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