Rail Cable Carrier – RCC

500 m travel length and more without sag

Rail Cable Carrier with proven cable and hose carrier MC 1250.

Rail Cable Carrier

  • suitable for very long travel lengths
  • 90 % less tension and thrust than with a gliding arrangement, thus requiring substantially less driving power
  • low-noise and low-vibration operation
  • less space required and cost-optimised with a shorter loop overhang – minimum turnaround length
  • no impacting of the rollers against one another
  • long service life – low maintenance
  • minimum stress on the cable and hose carrier and cables
  • less push/pull forces
  • high travel speeds up to 10 m/s possible
  • possible additional load (cable weight) of more than 50 kg/m
  • use of proven standard cable carriers
  • the carrier cannot climb

For extremely long travel lengths

Rolling instead of gliding – the proven principle for less friction.
Due to the substantial friction, it is nearly impossible to realise travel lengths greater than 200 m. With the rail cable carrier, the upper trough does not glide on the bottom trough, it glides on guide rails. Rollers are mounted on ball bearings at the side of the carrier. The guide rails come in the standard connection height. The carrier does not sag. The tension and thrust is 90% less in comparison to gliding arrangements.

Quiet and low-vibration operation

The rollers run on the guide rail and do not contact other rollers. Ball bearings and a polyurethane roller surface additionally contribute to quite and smooth operation.


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