Request telescopic covers

Machine data
Machine type  
Use of the telescopic cover:
Machine base Standing Cross-beam
Machine travel (Travel distance) Travel speed
mm m/mm
Travel speed Width of guideway
m/s2 mm
Guideway lubrication:
Hydrostatic Aerostatic Other
Data for the design of the telescopic cover
Travel length of telescopic cover Maximum compression
mm mm
Possible width Possible height
mm mm
Possible total height Connection of telescopic cover
mm mm
Wiper with protective strip for protection against hot chips:
yes no
Additional information
Interference contours around the telescopic cover
Design of the telescopic cover:
No walkable-on Walkable-on when at rest
Quantity of chips Type of chips
Type Quantity
kg/h l/min
Can consoles be attached: Should consoles be attached?:
yes no
yes no
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