Guide channels

In the case of long travel lengths the upper trough of the cable carrier glides on its lower trough. Beyond the fixed point the cable carrier glides on the sliding surface (support) of the guide channel.

The guide channels prevent the upper trough from slipping off the lower trough and ensure quiet, low-wear operation.

The economical solution: We recommend that the fixed point be placed in the middle of the travel length (central feed). This will result in the shortest lengths for the cable carrier, cables and guide channel.


One-sided cable carrier arrangement (standard connection)

LKA = LS + LZ1 + LZ2


Opposing cable carrier arrangement (standard connections)

LKA = LS + 2 LZ1 + X


Explanation of terms – guide channels



Travel length of cable carrier



Channel length



Channel length with support
(≙ LS/2) with one-sided arrangement
(≙ X - 2 l1) with opposing arrangement



Additional measurement for loop overhang
(≙ ÜB + 50 mm) with standard connection



Additional measurement for connection
(≙ l1 + 50 mm)



Connection distance with an opposing arrangement

Depending on the chain size, the channel inner width is 4-5 mm greater than the width of the guided cable carrier. Depending on the length of travel, the cable carrier connection heights should be reduced.

Do get in touch with us! We would be happy to calculate the dimensions of the guide channel to suit your application.

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