Strain relief devices

The strain relief of the cables depends on the type of cable, the length of the cable carrier and the installation position.

In the case of cable carriers with upper and lower trough sliding on each other (installation variant EBV 05), the installation height of the strain relief must not be higher than the chain link height.


Overview strain relief elements

LineFix saddle-type clamps

  • optimized base geometry for secure seating in C-rail
  • for one cable and two or three cables on top of each other
  • for C-rails with a slot width of 11 mm

Saddle-type clamps Type B

  • for C-rails with a slot width of 16 – 17 mm

Strain relief comb strips

  • higher fixing force than with a one-sided strain relief comb
  • equal power transmission for both pulling and pushing

SZL strain relief devices

  • gentle on the cable due to large surface area for enclosing the cables
  • simple installation without tools

Block clamps

  • for strain relief of hoses


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