Way wiper BAY-WIPE

Wiper with double action

BAY-WIPE by KABELSCHLEPP does what didn’t seem possible up to now: A way wiper system that serves to wipe off oil inside while simultaneously removing foreign particles and coolants outside. In this way it protects particularly hydrostatic guideways by preventing the escape of lubricants.

Many wiper systems have problems at the point where a hydrostatic guideway goes round a corner. Rounded or bevelled corners on guideways are often problem areas, because the wiper elements cannot follow the profile closely enough. Our BAY-WIPE system now has these problem areas perfectly under control. Thanks to its optimised corner elements, which follow the contours of the path exactly, the guideway is wiped clean in both directions.


  • Aluminum support profile with PUR wiper lip
  • Wiper with double action: Wipes inside and outside
  • Has separation effect by wiping on both sides
  • Extremely low oil loss
  • Prevents the invasion of foreign material
  • Optimal regularity of pressure through minimum form deviation (die casting)
  • Also provides seal at guideway protection bevel by conforming to shape
  • Simple production, few parts


  • Pretension: 0.4 mm
  • Length: 516 mm

Intelligently designed, individually produced

Way wiper system with optimised corner designThe wiper lip of the BAY-WIPE was developed at the Institute for Machine Elements (IMA) at the University of Stuttgart. KABELSCHLEPP participated in this research project, and put the results into practice in a consistent manner.

A wiper lip that works in both directions is affixed directly to the support profile by means of a plastic injection moulding process. The straight sections of this profile, which have been cut to length, are then nonpositively joined with pre-assembled corner elements. This allows a wiper system to be created from the individual parts, exactly suited to the contours of the guideway.


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