Way wiper BA 65 VARIO

The most economical alternative to cast wipers – even for small quantities. On request we also manufacture them according to your specifications – custom tailored for your application. BA 65 VARIO way wipers are optionally available as complete wipers, or as individual wiper lips in bar form for your own harnessing.

So-called “cast wipers” are wipers consisting of a piece of neoprene rubber vulcanised onto a steel support profile. They are produced in speciallymanufactured injection moulds. Larger quantities are essential, as the tool costs must be offset by the number of parts produced.

For the wiper system BA 65 VARIO no special tools are required: A pre-finished profile of synthetic rubber is custom-tailored. The support profile – usually made from metal – can be produced on a laser or nibbling machine.
Thus, smaller quantities can be produced in this way at a reasonable cost.


  • Temperature resistance - 40 °C to + 100 °C, briefly up to 140 °C
  • Support material: Steel, stainless steel
  • Wiper lip material: Abrasion-resistant synthetic rubber (NBR)
  • Resistant to standard oils, greases, acids and bases
  • Pretension of the wiper lip: max. 1 mm
  • Resistant to microorganisms



Type pretention (max.)

BA 65-14


BA 65-18


BA 65-25


Length: 500 mm


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