Way wiper types BA and BAS

Wipers of this type have a replaceable lip and guarantee high form stability and mechanical loading capacity. They are manufactured in custom forms according to your specifications. Available as bar material ex-stock.


  • Temperature range - 40 °C to + 100 °C
  • Support material: Aluminum
  • Wiper lip material: Polyurethane
  • Largely resistant to oils, greases, alkalis and water
  • Pretension approx. 2 mm
  • Replaceable wiper lip
  • Standard length of bar material: 1000 mm

Type BA

Way wipers of this type are used mainly in those cases where installation conditions are restrictive, or where the wipers are additionally protected by means of a telescopic cover, a bellows, a link apron cover, or where no chips occur.


Installation height H (clamped in position)

BA 18


BA 25


Standard length: 1000mm

Type BAS

In this type series, the light metal support provides protection for the wiper lip. It is used primarily in the case of direct incidence of chips (no hot chips).


Installation height H (clamped in position)

BAS 18


BAS 25


BAS 40


Standard length: 1000 mm


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