Splash- and hose-proof protection on telescopic covers

Over time cooling emulsion and fine chips can be “pumped” under the individual boxes and make it over the rear wall into the machinery space that is being protected. In many cases this is undesirable. Machine tools with hydrostatic bearings require “watertight” covers.

Gullies for telescopic covers

In order to catch coolant and chips that make it over the rear wall, a gully is generally installed on the back of the rear wall. This gully allows the fluids to be drained off to the sides.

Aluminium gully type AL 19

This gully is an extruded aluminium profile which is screwed onto the rear walls of the cover. The cover plate is bent downwards so that it projects into the gully. This allows the coolant between the plates to flow into the moulded gully. Condensation water that forms under the cover plates is wiped off by a lip and drained into gullies to the front and back. This makes it possible to achieve a very high level of waterproofing.

Gully type ST 05

This gully is screwed onto the rear wall. This has the advantage of, among other things, meaning that zinc plated metal plates can be used (no welding necessary).

Condensation gully type ST 05 K

This gully is based on the proven type ST 05. An upward extending sealing membrane made of flexible synthetic moves in both directions catching the condensation and directing it into the drain gutters. From there it flows automatically into the side drains.


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