Wipers on telescopic covers

Wipers on telescopic covers keep the cover boxes clean and prevent the penetration of dirt and chips.

Welded-on and riveted-on wipers

With these types the support profile is spot-welded or riveted to the cover box.

Type MA 8 / MA 12

These wipers consist of an NBR profile vulcanized onto a steel strip. Necessary calculated distance of the cover plates 2.5 to 3.5 mm.

Type MA 8S / MA 12S

Wipers MA 8 and MA 12 are covered with a protective strip for protection against hot chips. Necessary calculated distance of the cover plates 3.5 to 4 mm

Type MA 12.1 / MA 18

A specially-milled steel plate profile is spotwelded to the boxes and a PUR wiper lip is inserted. Necessary calculated distance of the cover plates 3.5 to 5.5 mm.

Steel plate wiper made of spring band steel

A specially shaped, approximately 0.4 mm thick, approximately 25 mm wide band of stainless spring band steel is spot-welded to the cover plate. This wiper is recommended for dry machining. Necessary calculated distance of the cover plates 1 mm.

The replaceable wiper with a PU lip

This new generation of wipers can be replaced directly on the machine, without disassembling the telescopic cover. The wiper lips have good gliding characteristics and are also usable where little lubricant is generated, e.g. on machine tools. Turn-lock fasteners fasten the wiper to the cover plates. With a 90° turn of the turn-lock fasteners the wiper is locked or released. In this way the system can be easily switched out for fresh parts.


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