Telescopic covers with harness mechanisms

Telescopic covers with harness mechanisms have many advantages:

  • High travel speeds up to 200 m/min are possible.
  • Acceleration forces and speeds are uniformly distributed across all the plates. This also applies to the resultant inertial forces.
  • The force peaks that would normally occur when the telescopic covers dashed against each other do not occur.
  • The disruptive impact pulse of the boxes is eliminated.

SXM – Synchronized Expansion Mechanism.
The KABELSCHLEPP harness technology is used wherever you find this symbol.

Mechanical elements with harnesses

To ensure impact-free expansion / compression of telescopic covers, they are used with so-called synchronisers (harnesses). As a result, all of the cover boxes move evenly during expansion and compression. The individual boxes move relative to each

Cover with two harnesses

This solution has been developed for travel speeds greater than 100 m/min. Two harnesses ensure synchronization. In the example shown here the cover plates are made of 1 mm thick stainless steel. The cover plates are riveted to the rear wall. Welding and the resulting heat effects have been avoided. Only the wiper is spot-welded.

Cover with one harness

This particularly lightweight solution has been developed for “small” machine tools. The cover plates are made of 1 mm thick normal steel. The travel speed in this special application is only
30 m/min. The harness mechanism serves to ensure synchronization, however, and the reduced mass of all the elements means that it was possible to develop an especially cost-effective solution here.


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