Hinged belt conveyor with WAVE-BELT System

No hinge – low wear

Chips and dirt can accumulate in the hinges with conventional hinged belt conveyors. The WAVE-BELT System has no hinges on the top side of the belt and is smooth in this area. Chips and dirt cannot get trapped. Due to the “WAVE-FORM” of the belt plates, there is hardly any gap between the plates.

This makes the hinge belts tighter, have a longer service life and require less maintenance.
The side rims have also been further developed so that almost no conveyed material can get trapped in this area. In this way, wear and the risk of failure are reduced.

Hinged belt conveyor with WAVE-BELT System

  • Longer service life due to optimized belt design
  • Tighter than conventional belts, as there are no hinges
  • Extremely stable due to special shaping of the individual belt plates
  • Easy to maintain due to bolted and thus very easily replaceable belt plates

Easy replacement of individual hinge belt plates

The belt plates are bolted and can be easily replaced if needed without having to dismantle the complete conveyor belt.

Dimensions of hinge belt conveyor WBC 063





WBC 063.00




t = Pitch
BSch = Hinged belt width
SSCH = Plate thickness of the conveyor
HS = Height of the side rim


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