S/SX0650 RMA

Aluminum stay RMA – mounting frame stay

  • Aluminum profile bars with plastic mounting frame stays for guiding very large cable diameters.
  • The mounting frame stay can be mounted either inside or outside in the bending radius.
  • Available customized in 1 mm width sections.
  • Opening options
    Screw connection is easy to release.
S/SX0650 RMA
  • Stay arrangement on
    every 2nd chain link
    , standard
  • Stay arrangement on
    every chain link (VS)
  • Bk from 200 – 400 mm
    in 1 mm width sections
Cable carrier width
  • The maximum cable diameter strongly depends on the bending radius and the desired cable type. Please contact us.
  • All cable carrier cross sections according to section data in the schematic.

Calculating the cable carrier width

  • Stay width BSt: BSt = Bi + 30 mm
  • Outer width Bk: Bk = Bi + 45 mm
  • Total width BEF: BEF = Bk + 5 mm

Pitch, inner height and chain link height

65 130/160/200 50 56

Bend radii

KR [mm]
75 95 115 125 135 145 155 175 200 250 300

Assembly variants

Assembly to the inside

RMA 1 – assembly to the inside:

Gliding application is not possible when using assembly version RMA 1.

Observe minimum KR:
Hi = 130 mm: KRmin = 200 mm
Hi = 160 mm: KRmin = 250 mm
Hi = 200 mm: KRmin = 300 mm

Assembly to the outside

RMA 2 – assembly to the outside:

The cable carrier has to rest on the side bands and not on the stays.

Guiding in a channel is required for support. Please contact our technical support at technik@kabelschlepp.de to find the corresponding guide channel.

Please note the operating and installation height.

Intrinsic cable carrier weight

Determining the intrinsic cable carrier weight strongly depends on the selected stay arrangement. Please contact us.

Inner distribution

Inner distribution
15 130/160/200

Subject to change.


Contact us to find a solution to your individual application problem.

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