• Pitch
    11.5 mm
  • Height
    4.6 mm
  • Width
    7 mm
  • Bending

    10 mm

Stay variants

Design 040

Frame with lamella crossbars in the inner radius

  • Weight-optimized plastic frame with particularly high torsional rigidity.
  • Swivable on one side in any position.

Opening options
inside: Swivable.

more information

Stay variant

Unsupported arrangement

Unsupported arrangement
Dynamics of unsupported arrangement t
vmax [m/s] amax [m/s2]
3 10 11.5

Installation dimensions unsupported

10 28 38 54.5 25.5

Load diagram

for unsupported length depending on additional load

Load diagram
  • Intrinsic cable carrier weight qk = 0.044 kg/m with Bi 7 mm. For other inner widths the maximum additional load changes.
  • Fixed point offset Lv: For off-center fixed point connections please contact us.

Calculating the cable carrier length

  • Cable carrier length Lk: Lk ≈ LS/2 + LB (Cable carrier length Lk rounded to pitch t)
  • Unsupported length Lf: Lf = LS/2 + t

End connectors

End connectors – plastic

The plastic end connectors can be connected from above or below. The connection type can be changed by reconnecting the end connector.

End connector – plastic
  • The end connectors can be swiveled in KR direction.
Connection variant

Connection variants

Connection point
F – fixed point
M – driver

Connection type
A – threaded joint outside (standard)

Subject to change.

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