LS/LSX Series

Cost-effective steel chains with light design

  1. End connectors for different connection variants

  2. Favorable ratio of inner to outer width – no peripheral divider necessary

  3. Weight-optimized chain bands – specially coated or stainless steel

  4. Optional central bolt for applications with large loads

  5. C-rail for strain relief elements

  6. Different stay variants available in 1 mm width sections

  7. Strokes are integrated in the chain link plate – no additional bolts are needed

  8. Dividers made of plastic or steel

  9. Various cable separation options


The design
The chains are very light and yet very stable due to the weight-optimized link plate design. The unsupported length for the LS series is significantly higher as compared with plastic chains of the same size.

Weight-optimized link plates only consist of one plate – the stroke system is integrated

Light sidebands without additional bolts – special coating or stainless steel

Optional: Central bolt and locking ring for applications involving large loads

Optional: C-Rail for strain relief elements fixed in the connection

  • Improved dynamic characteristic values due to weight-optimized design
  • Long unsupported lengths for small to medium additional loads
  • Cover with steel band for protecting the cables is available on request

Type LS/LSX 1050


Inside height (mm)

Chain width (mm)

Max. travel lengthA) (m)

vmax in m/s

amax in m/s2






The values "Inside height" and "Chain width" are dependent on the stay variant.
A) Values LS versions; LSX versions see load diagram
B) Values for LSX versions reduced by 0.5 m/s
C) Maximum value

Some features can be different for certain types for design reasons.
Subject to change.


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