Gliding arrangement:

A cost-effective solution for your application

Single-Sided Gliding Arrangement: Here, the upper run of the cable and hose carrier glides on the lower run and/or on the support element of the guide channel. The single-sided arrangement is the most common and cost-effective solution.

TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP supplies cable carrier, guide channel, cables and hoses, and strain relief devices – we supply the complete system solution. Cable carrier systems in this configuration operate trouble-free in installations all over the world.

One-sided arrangement

Opposed Two-Sided Gliding Arrangement: With high additional loads, the cables in an Opposed Arrangement can be distributed between two opposing cable carriers. This allows the installation width to be reduced and the separation of power, control and signal cables is also possible.

Opposing arrangement

Replaceable OFFROAD glide shoes – the cost-effective solution

OFFROAD glide shoes increase the lifespan of cable carriers running in gliding arrangements where the gliding surface of the cable carrier is exposed to heavy loads. In case of wear, simply replace the glide shoes instead of the entire cable carrier. Our glide shoes reduce costs and standstill times. They are made from highly abrasion-resistant material, and have 80 % more wearing volume than our standard glide shoes.

  • increased lifespan of cable carrier
  • reduced costs and standstill times
  • only the glide shoes instead of the complete carrier needs to be replaced
  • 80 % more wearing volume
  • made of a special, highly abrasion-­resistant material with low friction coefficients


Minimized hinge wear owing to the “life extending 2 disc principle“

In the M series, the push and pull forces are transmitted via the optimum link design for this purpose. As a result link wear is reduced to a minimum and the life of the cable carrier is considerably lengthened.

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