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KABELSCHLEPP Metool: push and pull force monitoring unit
Increased reliability and safety for crane applications and long travel lengths with the push and pull force monitoring unit from KABELSCHLEPP ...
Quick open cable carriers
Making installation and replacement of cables and hoses easy, Kabelschlepp Metool cable carriers from the Easytrax, Quicktrax and Uniflex Advanced series are designed to be opened quickly ...
Increased reliability and safety for crane applications and long travel lengths
The push and pull force monitoring unit from KABELSCHLEPP Metool carries out constant measurements on the drive end connection. This can prevent damage to the overall system and the ensuing costly unexpected downtimes if the cable carrier is blocked by external influence, such as dirt and swarf. The system is designed ...
One meter in up to three seconds: the “quick openers” from KABELSCHLEPP Metool
The cable carriers from the EASYTRAX, QUICKTRAX and UNIFLEX Advanced series have one thing in common: they are designed to be opened quickly. This makes installation and replacement of cables and hoses particularly easy, saving users time and money. The latest measurements have shown: on the ...
TOTALTRAX: All in, all complete cable carrier system
Cable carrier chain, cable, plug connections: A reliable cable carrier system consists of a number of different components. For the user this means a rather complex process in which the individual components must be perfectly matched in order to be fully functional. For the customer, a reliable ...
Turnkey cable carrier system allows efficient and safe operation of a container crane
A cable carrier from KABELSCHLEPP successfully resolved the problems with a container crane at the terminal of Contargo Rhein-Neckar GmbH in Ludwigshafen. Several ship-to-shore loading cranes ensure smooth transport of the ...
Cable Carrier System: TOTALTRAX: All in, all complete
Cable carrier chain, leads, plug connections: A safe cable carrier system consists of a number of different components. For the user this means a rather complex process in which the individual components must be perfectly matched ...
Cable chain systems
Short lead times, competitive markets and less capacities to do all the work. Sounds familiar? One increasingly popular option to solve this challenge is outsourcing work packages so to focus on the core competencies ...
Made for robots
Flexible ROBOTRAX cable carrier system for reliable automation
Industrial robots are on the advance worldwide, and for a good reason: They are very versatile and allow short cycle times in production. The precondition for their successful use is the perfect integration into existing production systems – a service which KUK-automation GmbH has been providing to their customers successfully for many years. To minimize downtime, the automation experts use the ROBOTRAX cable carriers from KABELSCHLEPP Metool ...
Trends in cable carriers
Although there have not been many drastic changes in cable carriers, major markets have helped spur innovations that have changed the manufacture and materials often used in these components. Most agree that the biggest market to have an impact on cable carrier designs has been the automotive industry, including in the vehicles themselves and in their manufacture ...
Flexible cable carriers for reliable robotic automation
A precondition for successful use of robotics within automation systems is ease of integration into existing production lines. And here, flexible cable carriers have an important role to play ...
Sealed On The Outside, Protected On The Inside
Several requirements have to be met in order to guarantee the high availability of machine tools. This includes protecting vital cables and hoses against chips, coolants and lubricants. With the IP54-compliant cable carriers from the TKA series, TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP offer a high level of protection as well as varied options for convenient cable routing ...
Innovative lifting solutions from TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP
TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP is a total solution provider. With thousands of installed applications worldwide, TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP is a competent partner that you can rely on for your applications.
Hauptsache dicht
Maschinen zur Holzbearbeitung sind im Einsatz extremen Verschmutzungen ausgesetzt. In einer Plattentrennkreissäge gewährleisten komplett dichte Energieführungsketten von TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP die reibungslose Herstellung von Buche Furnierschichtholz.
Cable carriers for ATEX applications
In many areas, the operating and ambient conditions demand a specific material property for cable carriers. KABELSCHLEPP Metool offers products made for ATEX applications with suitable special synthetic materials.
TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP: Energieführungsketten blitzschnell öffnen
Die Energieführungsketten der Serien EasyTrax, QuickTrax und UNIFLEX Advanced haben eines gemeinsam: Sie sind jeweils so konzipiert, dass sie sich blitzschnell öffnen lassen. So fallen Leitungsbelegung und -austausch besonders leicht, der Anwender spart Zeit und Geld.
Cable carriers with additional inner widths
The tight TKA cable carriers from TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP protect cables against dirt, chips and spray water. They are now available in 360 variants: the newest additions to the TKA55 family are versions with inner widths of 200, 225 and 250 mm.

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