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New Easy Guide System for Crane Cable Carriers
Tsubaki Kabelschlepp has developed the Easy Guide System, a new channel system for guiding cable carriers, that stops loose festoon loops on equipment such as workshop cranes. The Easy Guide System is designed for trolley power supply and extended crane travel lengths, but also for other applications ...
KABELTRAX cable carriers prove successful in minivans
Sliding doors on delivery vehicles or vans with cabling can be a challenge for design engineers: the sliding doors require permanent power supply to allow all electric and electronic components to function even when the door is open. KABELTRAX offers suitable flexible cable carrier systems for this – even for complicated installation situations. Daimler AG is one of the satisfied customers. Numerous vehicle types from a variety of makes worldwide ...
KABELSCHLEPP Metool announces new channel guide for drag chains
The requirements for modern crane systems are becoming ever more complex: “The focus is on a long service life and uninterrupted availability at maximum load,” Peter Sebastian Pütz, Head of Crane Business at TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP, explains. “For the development of our new channel system, we placed a special focus on the requirements of standard ...
TKK39: The particularly sturdy, self-cleaning plastic drag chains for confined installation spaces
The space-saving design of the TKK39 impresses with, among other things, its installation height of only 142 mm. In comparison to alternative solutions, KABELSCHLEPP was able to reduce the installation height by 65 %. The energy chain can be used when both self-supported and gliding. It supports speeds of up to 3 m/s and accelerations of ...
Self-cleaning plastic drag chains
TKK39 is self-cleaning and extremely solid, while remaining light and compact. It delivers particularly high torsional rigidity and supports long unsupported travel of up to 5m.The space-saving design has an installation height of only 142 mm; reducing the installation height by 65 % compared ...
Kabelschlepp Metool – cable chains
Kabelschlepp Metool offers cable chain solutions, customised to application specific system solutions branded TOTALTRAX. Cable carriers in steel or plastic including all electrical cabling, hydraulics, pneumatics, coolant or lubrication hoses complete with corresponding ...
MP opens new multimillion pound facility at precision engineering company in Birmingham
Robust steel cable carriers from KABELSCHLEPP Metool have proven successful, as in the horizontal drilling machines from Prime Drilling GmbH, which allow trenchless laying of pipelines up to 60" deep and over a distance of up to 3,000 meters. To allow Prime Drilling to work as flexibly as possible, KABELSCHLEPP Metool implemented the drag chains ...
Cable carriers for sliding doors
Sliding doors on delivery vehicles require a permanent power supply to allow electronic components to function even when the door is open. Kabeltrax says it offers suitable flexible cable carrier systems for this and that these are currently ...
“Cable carriers for crane and trolley motion are an important component of complex modern crane systems, like those used in seaports,” Peter Sebastian Pütz, representing Tsubaki Kabelschlepp as Head of Crane Business in the PEMA Committee, explains. “We can now also contribute our longstanding expertise in the field of cranes within the ...
KABELSCHLEPP Metool: actively shaping standards for crane equipment
KABELSCHLEPP Metool was appointed as a new member of the PEMA EDI (Equipment Design & Infrastructure) Committee at the beginning of 2017 and is therefore involved in the development, preparation and definition of new standards for port structures. Innovative and safe drag chains ...

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