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TRAXLINE: Proven cables for cable carriers
Kabelschlepp Metool, one of the leading manufacturers of cable carriers, offers a comprehensive range of automation cable. It meets the highest quality standards to ensure the reliability of your system ...
Protection for moving cables & hoses
Whether steel, stainless steel, plastic or hybrid solutions with plastic chains Kabelschlepp says it can offer the optimal material quality for the respective application. As well as being able to cover any cable carrier – (drag chain) - size and application ...
TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP Appointed as a new Member of the PEMA EDI
TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP was appointed as a new member of the PEMA EDI (Equipment Design & Infrastructure) Committee at the beginning of 2017 and is therefore involved in the development, preparation and definition of new standards for port ...
KABELTRAX cable carriers prove successful in minivans
Numerous vehicle types from a variety of makes worldwide are equipped with the products from KABELTRAX. Daimler AG also relies on the solutions from the system supplier. They are currently used in the sliding doors of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class and the Mercedes-Benz ...
EasyTrax cable carriers allow extremely fast cable laying
The cable carriers in the EasyTrax series from Tsubaki Kabelschepp allow extremely fast cable laying: cables, hoses and so on are simply pressed into the flexible lamella crossbars. No tools are required. This makes it possible to fill up to one meter of cable ...
Solid steel chains for horizontal drilling machines
Robust steel cable carriers from KABELSCHLEPP Metool have proven successful, as in the horizontal drilling machines from Prime Drilling GmbH, which allow trenchless laying of pipelines up to 60” deep and over a distance of up to 3000m. To allow Prime Drilling ...
Dry on long travel lengths: M series in steel system channel with roof system
Drag chains have to function flawlessly even under the toughest conditions – for example with difficult ambient influences, contamination or extreme weather. This is why KABELSCHLEPP Metool has developed steel system channels for the cable carrier systems from the M series ...
Cable laying extremely fast Kabelschlepp
The cable carriers in the EasyTrax series from Kabelschlepp allow extremely fast cable laying, by simply pressing cables and hoses into the flexible lamella crossbars. With no tools required, EasyTrax allows to fill up to 1 m of cable carrier in less than a second ...
Testing cable carriers in realistic situations
German company Tsubaki Kabelschlepp tests cable carriers for crane systems on its own fully-automated and monitored outdoor testing facility where travel lengths of more than 100 m and travel speeds of up to 5m/s can be automatically simulated. A system developed in-house for monitoring the pull/push forces ...
1m in up to 3s: ‘quick openers’ from Kabelschlepp Metool
The cable carriers from the EASYTRAX, QUICKTRAX and UNIFLEX Advanced series have one thing in common: they are designed to be opened quickly. This makes installation and replacement of cables and hoses particularly easy, saving users time and ...

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